Angela Collins

Commercial Coach and Green Marketing

Angela works as a specialist with Max Marketing to ensure that businesses have a holistic approach to their challenges.

Angela has had a wide range of commercial experience including retail giants such as the Briscoes Group, Foodstuffs and GE, but spends her free time assisting smaller businesses to growth through applying the secrets of big business.  Angela has both strong marketing and general business expertise but also a passion for businesses practicing sustainability through Green Marketing.

With more and more people choosing practices that align with their values of positive environmental impact, businesses are finding that telling their story of being environmentally friendly has become a unique selling proposition in itself.  More than this, green marketing seeks to explain a company’s practices and processes that have low environmental impacts.

Angela’s process is to determine the underlying cause of the problems facing your business and then working with your team to develop clear, pragmatic, and decisive plans, in which she ensures all factors are considered, and then driving them through to completion.

Angela is also a wonderful artist and a BodyTalk practitioner, ask her about this too when you connect!

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