Why is our business branding programme so popular with our clients?

WHY? That’s the answer.

Our branding programme is centred around Simon Sinek’s theory of ‘The Golden Circle’ – with The Why at it’s centre and takes our client’s through a journey of their business to rediscover their inspiration and through doing so, show them how to connect this motivational branding driver with their customers.


“Why is not about making a profit – that’s a RESULT, it’s always a result,  by why I mean what’s your PURPOSE, what’s your CAUSE, what’s your BELIEF”      Sinek, TED 2009



Uncovering your WHY is immensely empowering.  Sinek describes how Apple’s branding messages connect because they focus fundamentally on the WHY – and that the WHY is what helped them to carve a path for their business (and others like them) forcing competitors to drop out and fade away.



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Branding is such a misunderstood science. A brand is not a logo, it’s what your customers and market think you represent. If you don’t have your Brand in the right place, MaxBrand Essentials is…well, essential.

In this programme we act much like a Chiropractor, straightening out the core proposition of your brand, aligning values and creating an activation campaign that is built on tangible features and benefits that customers can understand.Programme Includes:

  • Brand touch points review
  • Insight and feedback on your brand positioning
  • Value Proposition alignment
  • Brand Golden Circle – The WHY, WHAT and HOW of your business
  • Brand DNA development
  • Brand Activation plan

*Typical cost $2750 – $6500 inc GST, NB this does not include any creative refresh of the existing brand, please allow additional $10k for this process and creative output (undertaken by partners or your preferred design agency).

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Strong Brand foundations lead to MORE customers

As marketers, understanding WHY your business functions and operates, makes it easy for us to connect the dots and communicate this with people who will be motivated and engage with your reason for doing what you do.  In fact, this process of developing your communications strategy – from a solid brand platform – will help you do the following:

  • Differentiate from the competitor – big or small
  • Beat out competitors who are undercutting on price
  • Create loyalty in a cluttered market
  • Attract new customers more easily and move them along the conversion funnel more quickly
  • Sift the wheat from the chaff – help you to find customers who genuinely value what you do and are willing to pay for it
  • Create advocates that spread your brand message

When a customer UNDERSTANDS your WHY and connects with it, they are more likely to align with it, endorse it and then tell others about it.

‘Why do you choose THAT phone over a cheaper model?’

‘Why do you travel all that distance to go to THAT gym, when there are hundreds closer?’

‘Why do you work for THAT company when you could earn more elsewhere?’

‘Why do you endorse THAT charity?’

If we can make it easy for customers to answer these questions and others about your business to their family and friends, they are more likely to continue to use your service/product and over time, become loyal, invested consumers.


To understand about this philosophy, watch Sinek’s inspiring TED talk.  It’s only 17mins and could be the spark that drives your business to success in 2017!




If you are interested in learning more about Sinek’s theories, visit this link: Start with WHY and see that you can apply this philosophy not only to your business, but to your leadership style, finding a new job – or even finding that perfect relationship. It all starts with WHY!