Janine Hampson-Tindale

Business Coach and Growth Specialist

Janine works as a specialist with Max Marketing to ensure that businesses have a holistic approach to their challenges.

Having worked as a private business mentor for a number of years, as well as running her own successful Business coaching business, Catalyst, Janine has both strong marketing and general business expertise and joins the team both as a senior strategist and as our strategic partner for Business Growth.

This approach means that we can work on critical marketing insight required to instigate change in an organisation concurrently with reviewing business fundamentals that are blocks to achieving success  – including operational challenges, financial stability, staff engagement and culture or succession planning. Janine has been working in strategic business management for over 20 years.

During this time, she has held a number of leadership positions and developed many cross-functional competencies, such as business re-engineering, change management, and business personnel coaching. She has worked in a variety of industries, including agriculture, building, retail, research, and newspaper publishing. In each organisation, she has made significant changes to the structure and performance of her teams, with positive results.

Janine’s key area of expertise is in determining the underlying cause of the problems facing your business and then working with your team to develop clear, pragmatic, and decisive plans, in which she ensures all factors are considered, and then driving them through to completion.

Clients who have worked with Janine love her – almost all trying to poach her for their own.  She works fast, knowing that you need to get results fast.  With her on your team you know you will be heading towards a sharper, more focused business poised for results.  Don’t expect the journey to be easy though – she will push you and coach you to ensure you get there.

Janine works mainly with clients on the Accelerator & Jumpstart Programmes and as a Business Growth Specialist alongside our other strategists.

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