Juan de Lange M.Com.

Client Marketing Manager

Every business has to make money and there are smart ways to do it more effectively – what do you think they are for your business?

I am passionate about helping all businesses resolve any barriers to success and achieve improved financial results. I take the knowledge I have gained from over 30 years as a small business owner, a professional Economist and an educator in Marketing and translate that into best practice, implementable plans for you.

I always find it interesting that when I say I work in marketing, people immediately think all I do is put together advertisements for the media.  And yes that’s part of it, but many people don’t appreciate that there’s so much more.

I am a believer in Life Long Learning and as such have done significant post-graduate studies in various fields. My passion remains Marketing, Advertising and Education and I have done research into how to engage with people in the era of digital communications. I have been fortunate enough to take these passions and apply them to solving problems across a range of disciplines for clients. The fundamentals remain, the challenge lies in adapting them to provide the best possible outcomes for clients as markets become ever more challenging. My background as a professional Economist means that I look at the “Big Picture” and can identify opportunities for sustainable growth and profit.

Once engaged with a project I am a monomaniac with a mission! My focus is on finding ways to improve the overall performance of the client’s organisation, whether it be a not-for-profit organisation or a national for-profit business. My purpose is to identify those elements of the marketing mix that will deliver the agreed on growth for your business. I also try to ensure that I make your life simpler by introducing systems that ensure success, monitoring those elements of the mix that we have identified as critical to ensuring the outcomes agreed upon. I also provide the training to ensure that the whole team understands the focus of the project and ensure that all players are engaged and motivated. My purpose for the duration of the project is to ensure that all your organisational goals are reached with a minimum of wasted effort and a maximum ROI.

I am focused, professional and committed to excellence, I believe that the only way to manage, is from the front. I will put in the hours and consistently seek to deliver more than agreed upon, and work with you to ensure you get the results you want for your business in the quickest and best way possible.

I am extremely good value for money and as a bonus have a very quirky sense of humour, which is on the house.  I’d love to talk to you about you and your business, what you need from it, and how I can help.

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