The Max Marketing team

MaxMarketing is a collaboration of experienced marketing professionals and partners. We come together as you need us, when you need the best expertise.

Our marketing strategists all have a minimum of 15 years experience in a marketing leadership function and implementors have over 10 years experience, which means they are fast and effective – knowing the best ways to get things done within budget and on-time and driving results.

You can contact one of the team directly for a one hour FREE consultation about your business, or you can contact the office on 09 476 1921 who will pair you with the strategic team that would best suit your situation and needs.

With a flexible team, we can scale up and down on your projects as required – which means you aren’t paying for marketing salaries on staff and you get the skills you need for your project when you need them. Since we work across multiple industries and on several projects in tandem, you benefit from up-to-the-minute expertise and cross-fertilisation of concepts and learnings. This can inject new thinking and ideas into your teams marketing tactics. We provide constant training to all team members and peer reviews for all projects are mandatory to ensure that you get a fully robust output, delivering the best results. We can also work co-operatively with your existing providers or in-house marketing team, flexing up their capacity and transferring skills and knowledge as required.

All the team have great marketing skills that will make your marketing and your business better, but we also have some key areas of expertise where we can bring pure brilliance.  Find out more below!



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