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Best agency & best campaign in the world?

We were thrilled to learn this week that Max Marketing has been selected as finalists for the CIM Global Marketing Excellence awards in two categories, Best Agency and Best Industry Campaign.

The CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Global Marketing Excellence Awards are an annual event created to highlight, celebrate and promote excellence within the field of marketing. We were up against companies and campaigns from businesses in over 100 countries, and selected on our philosophies, approach and results.


Find out more about what made us a Best Agency finalist and Best Industry Campaign finalist, and see the campaign we executed for Lomani Island Resort that achieved phenomenal results.

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Award Winning Marketing Agency


starts with WHY

Whether you are a small business or enterprise business, it’s easy for marketing solutions to sometimes miss the mark. So how do you ensure your marketing investment and team are focused on the right activities to get results?

When you work with our marketing agency, our first question is “Why are we here?”. As a digital marketing agency and professionals, we believe this starting point sets our search for a cure in the right direction, as we work backwards to uncover the symptoms of your business’ challenges, rather than assuming the cause and prescribing a treatment.


We show you HOW

Even if you have a marketing team in your business, marketing staff are often stretched, and not always able to focus on initiatives that might enable the best business outcomes.

Our marketers can coach you or your team through prioritising your marketing tactics, ensure that you are tracking the right metrics and connect you with people who can do the specialist parts from media buying through to website development.

Our Win Win Marketing Strategy

Winning You and Your Clients — Winning Us

Marketing winner 2019 Auckland



Client: Tuatara Structures 2019

Marketing winner 2017 Auckland



Client: Urban Dogs 2017

Marketing winner 2016 Auckland



Max Marketing 2016

Our Result Oriented Services


We’ll identify your best customers and show you how to engage them cost-effectively

Client: Tuatara Structures 2019


Set up your brand with a story that connects the customer, and a visual identity to match


We’ll help investigate the market opportunity for your idea and show you how to present it to customers


We can show you the tips and tricks to better engagement through these growing channels


We’ll audit your plan to review where your marketing $$ are performing and failing, and show you where to invest your resources.


TV and other mass media channels can be more affordable than you might think. We can help you work out which media is right for you


Customer insight can unlock brand new revenue streams or win back lost customers. If you need answers, we can show you what to ask.


Before you invest in a new website, work out what really needs to change. Often the problem is less about your content and more about your offer.

Marketing spotlight by Simon Farrar

Offers That Convert

Do you need more leads and, ultimately, sales? The quickest, easiest way for business owners to achieve this is to make stronger, more focused offers. Including making offers at each stage of the sales process. Get your FREE, five-part “Offers That Convert” mini-course by entering your details below.

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    About Max Marketing

    We choose our marketers carefully. Not only do they need to have proven experience in their field, they’ve also got to be willing to learn and share their ideas with their colleagues. We become better as the group knowledge improves, so we push, test and challenge each other to ensure we always deliver the best outcomes for our clients, collectively.


    max Marketing team, Auckland


    Our Experts

    What is the best marketing agency in NZ?

    At Max Marketing we strongly believe that the best NZ marketing agency is the agency that focuses wholly on achieving clients goals. Our team is one of the trusted marketing companies in NZ operating since 2013, with this focus driving our actions as an agency. Our marketers are based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Coromandel, Dunedin and we work collaboratively to ensure we always get the best marketing results for our clients.

    Do you do marketing only in Auckland?

    Max Marketing provides the entire range of marketing services New Zealand wide. Our level marketers work remotely or in person. They are located around New Zealand in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Coromandel, Dunedin and other cities. Please see our team page. We match your needs to the specific skills of our team and pair you with the right marketer, so that you get the best expertise you need, regardless of your location.

    Do you do Digital Marketing?
    Yes, we do Digital Marketing and SEO in Auckland as well as NZ wide. Digital marketing is an essential part of the marketing mix which many business owners are finding increasingly complex. There are many digital agencies or digital marketing companies to choose from, but we see our focus on Digital Marketing Performance for businesses (achieving goals and not vanity metrics) which comes from our blending digital and traditional marketing to get better results.
    Does your marketing Agency do coaching?

    Yes, at Max Marketing do coaching with our clients, marketing teams and our own marketers. We recognise that marketing and digital marketing are fast-growing industries so keeping up to date with techniques is critical to ensure success for our clients and keep a focus across new trends in marketing, sales and business development.

    Do you collaborate with other marketing companies?

    Max Marketing is open for any kind of collaborations with all marketing related businesses such as advertising, printing, web design or coaching companies. Our aim is to make your business better and we are here to help you with marketing and, also, with other services our partners offer.

    Can you assist with government funding?

    We can help you to access government support for marketing, steer you to pivot your business to a digital solution, help you structure your communications to engage more effectively with your client base during and post lockdowns, and provide you with other marketing tips and advice that have proved helpful to our other clients over the past year.

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