Case Study : Ashcroft Homes

We are very proud of the brand work we did with Ashcroft Homes back in 2014.  The process took the owner on a journey through not just creating a new visual identity, but also developing a meaningful brand platform.   At the time Paul Koppens was very happy with the work, and as the business has grown so has his marketing efforts, culminating in bringing some of our team in house in 2019 to replace the need to work with us as consultants.

Ashcroft Homes continues to go from strength to strength and this enduring brand supports them in their market growth.  Last year they won awards for their homes and we are thrilled by this entrepreneurial Auckland business’ success story.

Wishing them all the very best with their continued efforts and fantastic business.

Here is the process we went through with them to get them started.

Ashcroft Homes simply wanted a rebrand. It sounded like an easy ask for them – but before we launched into refreshing the logo and the website, we asked the question we ask all customers who go through our Brand Essentials programme:

‘Why rebrand?’

On understanding the business wanted to grow significantly and re-position itself within the Auckland construction market, we set about investigating the current offer and experience to ensure the good bits of the brand story would remain and to identify the other parts that were not getting enough attention.

These nuggets of information led Ashcroft owner Paul on a very different journey – exploring some new strategic paths that represented potential opportunities for growth of the business.

As well as developing a meaningful brand platform before developing a brand identity, we worked with Perceptive, a research company, to test the concept with prospective

Over the coming months, we worked with Paul to set the business up to align with a new customer value proposition – culminating in new communications that reflected what was at the heart of the business philosophy (and previously undiscovered).

Here’s what he said about the experience:

“Marketing is key to growing a business. Previous to Max being involved it was largely looked after in house with sporadic advertising and no clear direction. Having now had that support it is clear how important it is to have the right advice and experts involved. ”

Paul Koppens
Director, Ashcroft Homes


Visit the Ashcroft Homes Website and see for yourself how this proposition has come together into a market-leading offer for new home builders.


Ashcroft Homes client interview

1. What did you hope to get from working with Max Marketing when you started out?

Had never been through the proper brand process, and so wanted to do this and have a clear direction for the company, determine what our USP and positioning was in the market in order to be able to drive the company forward. Also wanted to improve the look of the brand and company as a whole to be a lot more professional, and develop marketing strategies for the future.

2. What has been the biggest contribution working with MaxMarketing has made to your business?

Is hard to give one that stands out as there have been many! One thing aside from the core skills within Max itself was the connections to other key consultants and suppliers in the market. It is easy to underestimate how many different experts need to be involved in a brand launch – graphic designers, search engine optimisation consultants, copy writers, web designers, photographers to name a few. Max had connections to the best in the industry and it was comforting to know that each part of the project was in good hands.

3. How has having  marketing support helped your business generally?

Marketing is key to growing a business. Previous to Max being involved it was largely looked after in house with sporadic advertising and no clear direction. Having now had that support it is clear how important it is to have the right advice and experts involved. We now have a clear identity and brand positioning, a professional brand, great website that is fully optimised for search engines, lots of relevant collateral, and a clear strategy for moving forward. And aside from that support providing results that we would never have been able to achieve on our own it has also meant valuable time that was previously being spent on marketing has been able to be redirected to other areas of the business, where our own skills are better utilised.

4. What have you learned from working with Max Marketing that has been useful in your journey to date?

The value of interviewing past clients to understand their experience of the company, from first impressions and brand perception, to overall experience. This give a client viewpoint of the company which is very helpful in understanding external perception, as opposed to your own thinking of what that perception is.

5. What do you think the principles and recommendations made by Max Marketing will do for your business in the future?

There was one fundamental change recommended that has split the brand into two distinct paths. This will enable us to target two very specific areas of the market, each with their own very different needs and motivations, meaning our messaging can be better tailored and directed to these different groups. There is no doubt this will enable the business to grow faster than it might otherwise.

6. Who do you think would benefit from working with Max Marketing?

Any business big or small but particularly a growing business that has never been through the proper branding process. It is easy to think that a logo and a few advertisements done by a graphic designer is enough but there is a lot more to it.

7. What would you say to someone thinking of undertaking a marketing programme and how they could get the best out of working with Max Marketing?

Be open minded to their ideas. It’s natural to be set in your own ways of thinking and that thinking could have been ingrained over many years, but there are almost certainly better ways to be doing things. Question ideas until you understand them but once you are satisfied back them 100% to let them give you the best results they can.

8. Overall, can you sum-up your experience working with Max Marketing?

Max very much exceeded expectations. There was obvious competency from the start, and that translated throughout the project into value being added to the business in many ways. Ideas and recommendation were not just limited to marketing, there was a clear passion for our business and interest in seeing it succeed. Would highly recommend to anyone.