Case Study : BrightFive

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BrightFive is an organisation focused on growth through many channels. With a strong client base and skills and expertise across multiple disciplines, this entrepreneurial team had lots of ideas for new businesses and products, but wanted to determine which cab to send off the rank first.

Over a period of time we worked with the leadership team to develop criteria to evaluate each opportunity against their growth model, reviewing size of market, opportunity and input required to determine where the resources went first.

Then we developed a go-to-market strategy for the key concepts that appeared to have the greatest chance for success within their portfolio, to enable them to continue down a more extensive new product development and positioning strategy with those that made it through the selection process.

This enabled BrightFive to ensure their resources were focused to delivering results against their immediate goals, instead of spending time and money on projects that were not a priority. With a framework for evaluating new opportunities as they arise, this entrepreneurial team are now able to put their energies into the projects that will deliver the fastest or strongest ROI.


Here’s what Andrew said about working with us:

“Any smart business owner is always looking for industry leaders to give them advice. Having worked with small and large agencies, we will never leave the team at Max Marketing. They have worked closely with us, continually challenged us and most importantly, been a fantastic return on our investment.”

Andrew Cardy
GM, Brightfive