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Tactical campaigns are where the rubber hits the road. Strategy is a critical part of getting results, but turning strategy into a captivating campaign that delivers results is ultimately the only thing that matters.

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We’ve had decades of experience in building and running campaigns.  Whether it’s a short-term acquisition tactic or a longer-term brand-building campaign, there are still some things to ensure you have right.  Here are our five critical steps that will make your next campaign deliver better results.  

1) Be clear on your intended results

Get everyone on the same page with a clear objective for your campaign.  What do you want to happen as a result and how will you know afterwards whether or not it was a success?  Think about how you might measure success when the campaign is over – by visitors to your site, by number of people enquiring, commenting or engaging with your product, or number of new customers you achieve. 


2) Check your audience & media planner

Knowing who you are trying to engage is normally the easy part. But prospect behaviours change regularly, so you need to make sure you are up to date on the media usage of your target customers and what their preferences are on how to engage.  You can work with a media planner to drill down to the current behaviours of your audience using market data to tell you where they are most likely to spend their time and what types of media they prefer.   A good media planner will be able to reduce teh wastage of your advertising budget by ensuring you advertise where you will reach the most of your target audience, and also negotiate rates with channels for you to get the best deals. 


3) Get the right offer

40% of your campaign success will come from getting the audience & channel right, but a whopping 40% of your campaign success comes down to having the right offer.   The offer is structured throughout the communication funnel with the prospect, and you will need to lead and entice them at each stage to get to the next point.  Make sure what you want the prospect to do is super clear and check all points of your funnel for breaks – which could be a phone number incorrect, no one checking enquiries or a broken server relay. Always ensure that the scales are tipped in favour of the prospect apply the question “What’s in it for me” for the prospect to take the next step be it parting with an email or buying something right away. 


4) Engage & entertain

Creative is the last tricky 20% of your campaign success.  Prospects are being served thousands of media messages every day, all clambering for attention.  Your message must have cut through, your creative style must be bang up to date, and you must be better than the other ads in the feed, on the show or in the inbox.   You will be lucky to get 3 seconds of attention from your prospect unless they are actively looking for your solution, so don’t muck about.  You need to get to the point, tell them what you want them to do and why they should do it.  And if you can pull their heart strings, make them laugh, cry or just feel something then you are 50% more likely to get the result you want. 


5) Finish strong

So many campaigns fail at follow up.  A prospect might not be willing to go all the way on their first date with you, but they may be watching to see what you do next.  Have a plan to automate your first response to their engagement and plan out who will take over moving them to the next stage in your funnel. That might include some reminders of why they enquired, some remarketing tactics, abandoned cart reminders, or a telesales follow up. Whatever your product make sure the next part of the message is on brand, so that you deliver a seamless experience whilst the customer is in this critical stage of deciding whether or not you have something they need. 

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