Alan Best, Owner (retired)

Why did you/your business engage Max Marketing ?

We asked for help with reviewing our growth strategy amidst strong competition from large global distributors. Max Marketing did research to find out what our customers needed from us and worked with our team to help us turn that into marketing materials. 

How did your marketer help you and your business achieve results ?

Adel managed the whole project of the web development and pushed us to invest more into the online part of our business, which eventually paid off for us.   After this we felt we could definitely stand shoulder to shoulder with the bigger companies and know we had an offer that was just as good. 

  • Client

    DiveHQ Auckland

  • Marketer

    Louise Maxwell

  • Services

    Brand strategy, customer engagement, aquisition,

  • Plan

    MaxComms & MaxBrand

  • Business Size

    20-30+ employees

Max Marketing helped us to reorganise and redesign our marketing to help us reach customers more easily digitally. This process took a long time but transformed our business, with everything ultimately going online. The project did cost more than we expected initially as we had to integrate our back end systems, but we certainly noticed a lift in our sales within a short period of our new website going online.

Alan Best
Managing Director, Enko (previous owner)

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Louise Maxwell


Louise Maxwell

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MaxComms & MaxBrand

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