What do Clients say?

All the review comments are provided anonymously via an independent feedback process to Regional Business Partners and shared publicly about our service on their portal.  Here are the comments collected about our COVID support programmes:

Service added value to my business Recommend to another business Recommendation
5/5 5/5 Early days, but the first session was an extremely positive experience for me. The two consultants I’m working with are clearly expert in their field, they’re easy to work and with input to date has been valuable. Their questions have been perceptive and observations insightful. A number of high potential ideas have been discussed at a preliminary stage, I look forward to the results of their work in that space and to our next meeting/discussion.


5/5 5/5 – Very genuine approach when it comes to working together for a better outcome. – Productive meetings with tangible outcomes. – Strongly believing in what my business is trying to achieve and what my capabilities are.


5/5 5/5 Effective, cost-effective, time efficient and expert


5/5 5/5 The expertise and independent viewpoint provided has delivered much need support & direction along with a great boost to morale. The supplier has been fantastic to work with. We wouldn’t have had the resources to find them without the Regional Busines Partner programme contacts, and the associated funding has been invaluable.


5/5 5/5 The support has allowed me to focus and free me up to close deals vs spend time writing a plan. Also a third party input makes me focus on what is important because I have to make it clear to them so they don’t go off on a tangent.


Don’t know yet too soon 5/5 I would highly recommend Max Marketing. To be able to spend uninterrupted valuable time ( around 9 hours straight ) on ideas, plans, thoughts and just data dumping everything that was in my head to the very capable Max team was nothing short of brilliant. I felt like I was listened to, and got valuable insight from their angle which was a viewpoint that I really needed.


5/5 5/5 Because they really help with challenging your concepts and ideas to ensure validity and help with ways to develop the initiatives that are worthwhile


5/5 5/5 Their services were exactly what we needed