COVID-19 Recovery Check

COVID-19 Healthcheck

Checking how your business has been affected by COVID 19 crisis.

Please complete the questions below to the best of your current knowledge and that will help us identify your marketing needs.

On completion, we will issue you with a written report of your current priorities and risks.

If you have already registered for Activate Tamaki Makaurau funding, this is the next step before we can present you with a proposal for Government funding support.

It will take a few minutes to complete and then we will need 30mins to review your responses with you before we can output the FREE report with top-line recommendations on where your marketing focus should be in the next 12mths.


Fill the Questionnaire out to get Recovery Recommendations
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Free Marketing Report

    1. Has your business suffered over 30% loss due to COVID-19 measures?

    2. Have you been trading for more than 3 years?

    3. Have you been able to trade throughout the COVID crisis?

    4. Are you currently trading at 100% again yet?

    5. Have you changed your business in any way to adapt to the new measures or traffic light system?

    6. Is your product or service easy to replace with a competitors' product or service?

    7. Is your business seasonal?

    8. Is your business in tourism or hospitality?

    9. Is the market for your product or service highly competitive?

    10. Do you rely on exports or overseas visitors or buyers to sell your product/service?

    11. Was your business performing strongly prior to the pandemic start in 2020?

    12. Does your business have a strong base of engaged customers currently?

    13. Does more than 50% of your business come from repeat customers?

    14. Did you rely on face to face engagement with new prospects prior to March 2020?

    15. Could your business perform at optimal levels without face to face contact with customers?

    16. Are you able to update your own website?

    17. Do you have a database of customer emails?

    18. Have you been actively communicating with customers during the crisis?

    19. Do you have skills in house to manage digital marketing (eg web, email and paid ads)?

    20. Do you have skills in-house to manage social media marketing?

    21. Have you had to discount your prices through the COVID crisis?

    22. Do you have available resources to invest into your website or advertising if required?

    23. Do you have a strong brand reputation or strong personal reputation in your field?

    24. Have you lost any customers to competitors during the crisis?

    25. Have you made any attempts to bring customers back to your business in the past 6 weeks?

    26. Is your business at critical risk of failure if unable to turn around in the next 6mths?

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