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Since the start of the pandemic, we've helped 88 businesses through COVID lockdowns

Over the past year we have become experienced in helping businesses to get back on track during and following lockdowns. We have developed specific programmes of activity which we can deliver safely and securely online, to help get you targeted strategies and tactics to keep your business thriving during these challenging times.

We can help you to access any government support for marketing, steer you to pivot your business to a digital solution, help you structure your communications to engage more effectively with your client base during and post lockdowns, and provide you with other marketing tips and advice that have proved helpful to our other clients over the past year.


funding support

On 22nd October, the Government announced $60M in business advisory support for Auckland Businesses.  We have been advised this will be available from 1st Dec 2021. 

We are a provider to Regional Business Partner Network programme and our COVID programmes qualify for funding support. We will keep you informed on this page with any updates on funding support that your business may be able to access during this time.

To register for a call about this support. please complete the form on the right. Our Client Services Manager will be back in touch to help you identify the kind of support you may be able to access.


    These programmes have been specifically developed to help businesses to thrive through the effects of lockdown. Chat to our team about how they could help you now.


    Market Plan

    During this programme you will work with one or more of our marketing experts to identify a way to…


    During this programme, we will help you to build a tactical comms plan and help you understand the process…

    Marketing Advisory for
    COVID Redirection

    In this advisory service, working one on one we will cover…

    Fast Track
    out of COVID

    In this advisory service, working one on one to help you redress your business needs, to pivot your business and get back to performing…



    Are you a Travel or Hospitality business?

    Our team has worked extensively through COVID recovery with businesses in travel and tourism.
    Each of these team members has worked with businesses to help them get back to performing:

    Since 2020, we helped 88 businesses
    thrive through COVID restrictions

    We helped pivot or re-engage customers surviving the pandemic.
    Read about their experiences and what they had to say:

    I found the external support and expertise extremely valuable at what was a very challenging and uncertain time during COVID 2020. Max Marketing delivered technical skills that our small business simply did not have access to previously. They also bought fresh and broader thinking to the company that is not possible when the owner/operator is buried in day-to-day operational issues. The guidance, structure and discipline delivered by Max Marketing forced us re-focus and re-energise and helped pave our way to recovery and a rebuild after the destruction of COVID. We’re very grateful for their work and would highly recommend Max Marketing to others.

    Karen Knight


    COVID Market Planning

    $3000 + GST



    For many businesses, the COVID-19 crisis may have had a significant impact on how customers trade with them currently and post-crisis. In this shorter programme focused on COVID rebuild, we will review aspects of your value proposition (offer) you have to your customers and look for new ways to deliver the service or product to customers through and beyond the crisis. Through this programme we will identify how you can pivot and utilise positive relationships with your customers and supply chain to remain relevant and sustainable beyond the crisis.

    During this programme of consultation, you will work with one or more of our marketing experts to identify a way to:


    Outcomes & Time required: At the end of the programme you will have a clear plan of how to adapt your business to existing and new market opportunities, and a tactical plan of how to implement actions. The initial planning will require video consultation and access to your current customer data and sales figures, with view of your previous business planning if appropriate. Implementation is then

    Rate: Normally $4950, this plan has been reduced in price to assist businesses through COVID. Implementation hours will vary according to complexity of project and marketing skills required.

    Delivery: One on One sessions with business owners or leaders via Zoom meetings, remote strategic development and ongoing coaching.

    COVID Engage
    $3,000 + GST



    In this programme we can support you on finding the right communications strategy and tactics that will enable your company to continue to build and grow an engaged customer base during the crisis and beyond. Initially, we will set up your comms strategy. taking into account your unique selling propositions and value added benefits. Following initial strategy, we can then set up your channels, landingpages and other tools to ensure there is minimal effort on your part to activate your marketing plan to best results.

    We will work through with you:


    Programme Cost:  Initial strategy costs $3k+GST.  True programme cost reduced from $4950 to assist businesses struggling with COVID restrictions. Enablement and implementation of this plan will then be quoted to you based on the elements required.

    Time investment: initial (up to) 2hr video session with marketing specialist to frame the business and current situation, followed by investigation and recommendations by marketer to be discussed and evaluated in second 2hr session. Up to 2 more 30-75 min sessions may be required to finalise the strategy,  Implementation will be done as a combination of remote set up and coaching for enablement of your plan.

    Outcomes: At the end of this programme business owners will have a clear plan of how to keep current customers engaged during the crisis and to emerge quickly with tactical initiatives that will restore the original trading relationship. Then optional support to enable and implement the plan.

    Marketing Advisory for COVID Redirection
    $150- $225 / hour + GST



    Through this less structured approach, we will work with you to identify your needs and help you put in a plan to redirect your business. All work is conducted by Video meetings. Working one on one with you we will cover:


    All work is conducted by Video meetings Initial meeting is 2-3hr and thereafter sessions in 1-2hr slots as needed A minimum of 16hrs required.

    Digital Fast Track out of COVID
    $3k + GST



    In this advisory service, we will work with you one on one to help you redress your business needs, to pivot your business and get back to performing. Our advisors will work with you one on one to review:


    Our advisors go through strict assessments to grade to our 1-5 levels of expertise. All coaches on this programme will be level 3-5, and must have minimum 10 years field experience plus relevant qualifications.

    Rate: This plan has been reduced from $4950 to $3000 excluding GST to help support businesses struggling with COVID restrictions. Marketing hours will vary according to the complexity of the project and level of marketer.

    Time period: Minimum client contact time 5hrs This work will primarily be conducted one to one, and can be delivered entirely by secure video if desired or during tighter lockdown periods.