Case Study : Topp Luggage – Go Race Case

Topp Luggage had an exciting new range of products they wanted to bring to New Zealand – including a replica Lamborghini travel case aimed at taking on the kids market. With just a few weeks before the all important Christmas period, we needed a way to sell the first shipments of products and attract the attention of major distributors.  

‘Time was up against us, but we wanted to utilise  the peak Christmas period to create buyer demand’We worked fast – creating ‘The GoRaceCase’ and playing to the car’s sense of fun, positioning it as a toy vs a case and moving into a wider market opportunity. We launched with a low-cost, high quality commercial aimed at ‘Pester Power’ – getting the kids to put the case on their Christmas list. Then with a carefully planned multi-channel advertising campaign we flooded the market with the product. Kids saw the ad and with some well placed products around the country, we drove desire up just before Christmas.Within 6 short weeks there were over 18,000 views of the video.  Kids loved it and the Facebook page was littered with people saying it was on their kids’ Santa list.


The Race for Attention is on

Short of time and with a limited budget, television advertising was the quickest route for Topp Luggage to reach a brand new audience.

In just 15 secs we had to create excitement & desire for the new product. The racing cars gave us a theme, and we extended this to filming five kids dressed in race gear, in a park. The ad was a viral success.

Click here to watch the video


The Top Luggage campaign included:

  • Development of a brand aimed at the kids market
  • Creation of a mini website to sell product
  • TV commercial creation and testimonial video from a parent
  • Facebook heavy engagement campaign for 4 weeks
  • Blogging influencers given product to promote
  • Instagram campaign and Pinterest for PR
  • 6 week TV promotion and YouTube advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation to drive searchers
  • Retail distributor sales pack development
  • Key retailer introductions and negotiations coaching


TV facts you should know

  • If you need to get your message out to lots of people and fast, advertising on TV will probably be your quickest and most cost-effective route in New Zealand.
  • You usually buy TV media in durations of 10, 15, 30 and 60 seconds called Spots
  • You can produce your own ad, but it must be approved and given a rating (G, M etc) by CAB before it will be allowed to air in New Zealand
  • A good Ad can start at $2500+GST
  • Cost of TV relative to the number of people you can reach is low, average of $16 per 1 000 people, compared to $32 for newspapers, $35 for Radio and $77 for magazines
  • TV networks will often give ‘Bonus’ and ‘Filler’ spots for minimum spend
  • You can buy media regionally or nationally, although Sky is always national
  • Your ad can then be used on Youtube to increase views
  • You should make sure your web address appears on your ad for at least 50% of the time – and track the visitors to your website from it


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