Importance SEO in Auckland, New Zealand

Have you ever checked your customers’ activity using Search Engines?

Okay, just imagine you are seeking to be top of search results for Accountants in Auckland… What do you see on the Google results page? Ads, Map and Organic results. The statistics show people click on all of them to compare a few options, and that they very rarely click on pages, not in TOP-5 and almost never click on the second page of results. There is a key difference between paid and organic traffic: the first one can deliver visitors today and the second one is usually more convertible and cheaper but takes a while to be developed.

We believe the conversion rate of websites and lead generation is the most important metrics to measure your success.

Our Concept is SEO that converts

What do you want? Improve your visibility on the internet? Get more traffic to your site? Increase conversions? Ultimately, you want more high-quality leads into your business through the website, meaning you spend less time canvassing for sales. Our SEO experts can help you to reach your goals. Max Marketing’s SEO team makes your goals their own and they measure success on results, not rankings.

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    Our approach

    We start website SEO with a technical audit, along with keyword research and looking for keywords gaps your website can easily win. Next, we will review and optimise your Google Business account. From there we develop a plan that usually consists of 3 steps:

    Technical SEO

    In order to land at the top of the organic search results, the technical requirements must be met. Does your website have a logical internal link? Are the pages indexed? Are they loading fast? Is the navigation user-friendly and mobile-optimised? Technical optimisation is a part of our SEO service. That’s why our experts will check your website and put it through its paces. You will be amazed what a great effect even mending small mistakes can have. However, in order to have long-term success, an all-around analysis and a step-by-step improvement, in which your website is brought up to the latest technical standard, is essential.

    Onsite SEO

    Regardless of the business offer, there are stories to be told and people who are enthusiastic about writing the topics, but good content is more than a few paragraphs peppered with keywords. It contributes to the SEO services in Auckland and NZ by adding value, by being well structured and engagingly written, but also because it offers a uniform experience from the Google snippet to the start page text and blog article. In short: It turns users into your readers and readers into your customers. But what are your potential buyers looking for? What are the top-selling terms in your area? Are your keywords adapted to your customer base and the content designed accordingly? Let’s improve your ranking together through targeted storytelling!

    Off-site SEO

    Our SEO team also offers off-page optimisation as part of our SEO service, because backlinks are still among the most heavily weighted ranking factors. However, not all SEO recommendations are good recommendations. We rely on links from healthy, topic-relevant and strong sites that bring you a lot of link juice and thus a lot of visitors. As you probably know, not only links contribute to the digital reputation of the website, but also other social signals. Positive signals from social media networks improve your brand represents and increase the visibility of the site.