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Customer Research


Customer Research And Insights

Customer research and insight development is all about understanding the attitudes and behaviours of your customers and prospects, so you can make better decisions around what to do with your products and services. Qualitative research involves scientifically run focus groups or assessments to talk to people in groups or one on one and usually involves in depth conversations. Quantitative research is a one-to-many method of collecting feedback via things like surveys where results are measurable and comparable. Insights are more informal way of collecting feedback on the fly via your networks or with an independent person to give you a perspective or point of view.

Why you need it

Looking at your business through the eyes of a customer and really understanding how and why they choose (or choose not) to work with you can be an invaluable way to improve your marketing results. If you can identify a problem and then evaluate whether other customers have the same problem, you can create a solution which could open up more sales.

What we do

We typically start with some insight development to consider your problem before evaluating the type of research that would benefit your business, then we work with one of our specialists or partner companies to get the best experts on the case to investigate. Checking customer satisfaction and evaluating loyalty is also something we can help with, to unlock possible blocks to working with your business.

How much does a marketing plan cost?

Small bits of insight including in depth interviews, mystery shopping and customer loyalty can be done usually for less than $5k, but quant and qual research that include specialists to design surveys or run focus groups can cost upwards of $15k to $75k for a mid sized business.




Targeted programme that aligns to a previous marketing plan that identifies…

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    Max Insight

    Targeted programme that aligns to a previous marketing plan that identifies the fastest way to reach a customer’s acquisition goals. Includes:

    • Path to purchase planning
    • Strategic relationship building
    • Identifying customer segment value and prioritisation
    • Channel selection
    • Key segment levers and engagement strategies
    • Tactical plan based on agreed resources to deliver.


    Cost of programme $2500 to $15000 excl GST (as addition to another Max Programme)

    More complex research projects can be managed by our specialist team. Prices to be quoted upon a brief.



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    We are happy to have a chat and understand your business needs. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs to confirm the next steps.