Marketing should be like a 5-course meal, not an all you can eat buffet

In that, you need to “feed” your customers the right offer at the right time…rather than heaping everything on their plate at once.

And which offer you “feed” them depends on how ready they are to buy, or not.

Going from least to most ready to buy:

  • If they know they have a problem, but little else: Offer info that educates them about the problem and the available solutions. Free guides, webinars, consultations etc.
  • If they know about your solution(s) but haven’t bought yet: Offer them a low-cost or even free product, service, or trial that gives them a taste of what you are about. Something that only involves a small, low-risk commitment from them.
  • If they were happy with the free or low-cost “introductory” offer: Offer them your core offer, your main or most popular product or service.
  • If they were happy with your core offer: Offer them a premium product or service, or more of your core offer via a repeat or continuity offer.
  • If they were happy with your premium or continuity offer: Offer them a reward or discount for referring new customers to you.

Why do it this way, rather than “feed” people all you have to offer at once?

Because, when you serve up what’s most relevant right now, your message is less likely to tossed in the “This doesn’t apply to me, so I can ignore it” basket.

And, when you offer helpful information or a low-cost trial offer first, you reduce the perceived risk of doing business with you.

The alternative, “feeding’’ your customers and potential customers everything at once, will only serve to confuse them… and confused people don’t buy.

The question is, are you serving your customers a 5-course meal, with the right course served at the right time?

Or, does your marketing resemble the free-for-all that is an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Take a Look the example flow from the Max Marketing Team.


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