Martyn Thompson

M.Sc (Communication), FPRINZ

PR and SME Growth Strategies

I got into communications and marketing because you’re always challenged to deliver ideas and strategies and because you get to work with and learn from the best people. Keeping up with the latest ideas and developments in marketing and communications is an on-going learning experience. I enjoy getting to know clients and translating and implementing programmes that achieve their goals and objectives. There’s never been a more exciting and transformative time for marketing and communications professionals with almost limitless ways and means to help our clients achieve their goals.

After conducting a detailed programme of research I look to put myself into our client’s shoes and determine how they can make more money; cut costs, and reduce demands on their time and ensure they’re running the business and not the other way round. I then look to draw on our creative resources and work closely with them and the client to produce creative marketing and implementation programmes to achieve those goals.

I bring more than 25 years’ experience as a marketing and communications consultant working collaboratively with corporate and manufacturing clients and putting together and implementing creative and strategic marketing and communications plans to achieve their goals as planned, on time and on budget.

I’d like to work with businesses with some big dreams and ambitions, so if that sounds like you, get in touch and let’s talk growth!

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