Events that are defined by Details

What makes an event memorable, be it an intimate family gathering or an international corporate product launch?  Is it the details.

Exceptional events are created by a combination of imagination, planning and communication.   The most exceptional Event Directors are able to visualise every eventuality and understand how best to create emotional connections between people at an event seamlessly and simply.

World-class events are created through the following steps:

  • Have a clear purpose or intended outcome for the event up front

It is important that all parties are clear on what the outcome is.  If your ‘networking’ event is intended to profile and bring about sales for key sponsors, be clear about it up front so that the Event Director is able to ensure there are opportunities to present those sponsors and that they can leverage their relationship during the event.

  • Plan early & consider timing

Large and international events can take as much as 12mths to plan (how long did you plan your wedding for?) so make sure you allow your Event Director plenty of time to be able to plan effectively, and to ensure there is time to create distinct details that will stand your event out from others.  Look at other international and local events on the calendar and ensure your event doesn’t clash on timing.  You want to make sure delegates and attendees will be able to secure accommodation and travel easily – the event starts for them the minute they engage with your invitation.

  • Who will come and Why?

It may well be that you WANT the CEOs of the Fortune 500 at the event, but in order to make it attractive to them to attend, you need to understand your target audience thoroughly and know what the key triggers will be that will ensure your event stands out in their calendar.   An effective Event Director will be able to help create event draw cards that will simultaneously impress and excite your target attendees, and the process to securing their engagement will be flawless.

  • Keep some things different, and some things the same

There is comfort in familiarity, and sometimes familiar processes, venues and activities can all bring a sense of a professional event that will ensure your delegates will be happy to attend.  The key to making these events memorable and stick in the minds of your attendees is to then include some exceptional details or activities that push them out of their comfort zones and challenge their preconceptions of what they would expect from the event.

  • Use humour – but sparingly

The use of humour, especially at a corporate event, is akin to seasoning food.  Too little and the result is a meaningless, connectionless activity that delivers only the bare essentials to those attending. However, moments of warmth, unexpected and light-hearted moments pepper an event with flavour that lifts the mood of all attending and creates a spirit of openness and willingness to participate.   Get this right and your event will be carried by word of mouth all around the globe.  Get it wrong at your peril!

  • Run through the run sheet

On the day the Event Director should have calculated every possible scenario for your event and have multiple back-ups to cover everything from faulty AV equipment to a last minute bout of gastro by the Key Note Speaker or MC.  Good Event Directors and managers know the minute by minute timing and have trained all suppliers and event partners to know their individual roles and responsibilities on the day.  The best Event Directors are the calm ones on the night – because they know that whilst plenty of things WILL go wrong, no one will ever know as the event appears to seamlessly flow from one feature to another as alternate plans drop into place quickly, easily and without fuss.

We are proud to announce Max Events, a new division of Max Marketing – creating exceptional events defined by the details.

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