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We will always start with a review of
what you are doing and why, because the cause of your challenge can be triggered at any point in the process.

When you work with a Max Marketer, you are often not just getting a fix to one problem, but better performance from all your marketing activities.

As a team we have a peer review process so that every time we develop a strategy or plan for a business, our colleagues stress test it first, to ensure we’ve covered all bases and we independently agree it is the best plan for your business.

We are AoG Approved

We are an approved All of Government(AoG)
marketing services provider.

This means we have gone through evaluations and been approved to supply to Government Agencies as marketing providers. If you are representing a Government Agency speak to us about a free review ahead of your next budget planning term.

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    Max marketer in Nelson

    Louise Maxwell

    Managing Director

    After decades in Ad agencies and then another one client side, I was shocked at how frequently businesses jumped to conclusions around what to do with marketing campaigns. The result? 8/10 times they would miss the mark, with $000s sometimes $Ms wasted because no one asked the right questions up front – WHY do we need to do this? And WHAT do we want to achieve?

    My super power is finding BETTER ways to get BETTER results. I’ll question, push and find your company’s soft targets to help you achieve better outcomes and whilst it’s not always easy, I promise that if there is a way, I’ll help you find it. I can mentor, coach or guide you to better marketing. I work with clients as a fractional marketing director on short term projects helping you to map the way forward and find the right direction.

    All our Marketers are Virtual Nationwide.
    Talk to your local specialists, or work with anyone in our team virtually.

    Max Marketers have to jump through hoops to join the team!

    We put new marketers through their paces. Before they can join the team, applicants do a skills assessment, develop a strategic plan and assess six businesses for a recommended approach. Once on board they have a six month grading period before they get their Max Accreditation, and they are then required to keep up a commitment to 35hrs training and education which must be evidenced annually.

    The team also attends fortnightly skills training as a group so we stay on top of the latest trends and techniques.

    We stick with you to the end.

    During the programme we work with you to find solutions and tactics that fit your budget. Then we meet with you over the first 90 days to ensure the plan is achievable and delivering results

    In the event that there are changes to the business during this time, we will change the tactics to adjust to your new course.


Join the Max team?

    We hold two intake sessions annually to look for talented new marketers all over NZ. If you are interested in signing up for our next assessments, get in touch now to join our wait list.

    Sammy Hook

    Client Services Executive


    Health Check

    Would you like to understand why your marketing efforts aren’t effective?

    What is a Fractional Marketer?

    It is a marketer that has the accountability of an employee, but you only work with a fraction of a time; a few hours a week or month over a set period to achieve specific goals for your business. 

    Do you need
    content services?

    Our pay-as-you-go
    marketing experts platform

    NZM (NZ Marketers) is our Service Department for your Marketing implementation needs. Work with experts from our NZ Marketers team to assist you with everything from copywriting to design. All our experts are assessed and graded and hourly rates are set by their grade level.

    Looking for funding support for your marketing?

    The Government runs a scheme called the Regional Business Partner Network, which can contribute towards the costs of your marketing. This is matched $ for $ to your own investment, up to a maximum of $5K. To find out more about how this works and see the criteria for funding go to our page that details the process. Alternatively, our Clients Services Manager can give you some details via Chat.

    how you could qualify for funding support

    Our Marketing Partners

    We choose our partners as we do our team – with careful consideration. Our partners agree to abide by our standards in delivering services to our clients and whilst we insist on a direct relationship between you and the chosen supplier, we will guide and manage this to ensure there are no hiccups along the way.

    This way we are able to remain impartial to the advice you receive around web development, telemarketing, or media planning; giving you the assurance that we always give advice without conflict of interest. These partners are our recommended choices but we will happily work with a partner of your choosing as we assist with your marketing.

    Telemarketing Services

    Telephone marketing
    and answering service

    Independent Media NZ

    Media buying, strategy
    and placement

    The Dispensary

    Creative writing and
    proof-reading services


    Specialist Web Development
    for retail and eCommerce


    Data analytics, procurement
    and management

    Virtuoso Media

    Quality video and TVC
    production & editing

    Up and Up

    Photography & Film
    production services

    NZ Marketers

    Creative, production
    and digital marketers

    Print Lounge

    Fast, quality digital
    printing services online

    Solution Dynamics

    Mailhouse production
    and dispatch services

    Need help with paying for your
    Max Marketing programme?

    about our payment plan options.