Joyce Misa

Joyce Misa

Marketing FMCG can be tricky, but Joyce makes it easy!

I grew up in marketing. I started as a 7 year old helper at my mum’s grocery store, spent summer holidays taking orders on the phone, cleaning display shelves, talking to sales people, putting up price strips and posters. I particularly loved installing “Flavour of the Month” posters for the ice creams we sold. The sight of the Ice Cream truck parked beside our store and the salesman coming in with new POS are still vivid in my mind. The mix of creativity, science and math never fail to stimulate. I describe myself as a solid Marketer. I’m highly skilled in developing and implementing strategic and commercial business plans having had extensive training across all facets of Marketing Management in a wide range of industries and organisations.

Joyce enjoys opportunities which allow her to utilise her broad skills and experience to enhance a client’s productivity and industry standing. She has a passion for ‘harnessing big data’, generating and delivering insights to find market opportunities and anchor customer engagement. Her bend is always towards building value and values, thus helping to bring forth sustainable and profitable business growth.

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Joyce Misa