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    1. The year the business began

    2. The number of staff

    3. Do you have a current marketing plan?

    4. Do you know who buys your product/service?

    5. Do you know why they buy from you?

    6. Do you know your competitors?

    7. Do you know how much market share you have?

    8. Is your offer clear and easy to understand?

    9. Is your brand relevant and engaging?

    10. Does your internal culture reflect your brand?

    11. Do your staff, suppliers and partners all promote your business?

    12. Do you regularly ask customers what they think of your product/service/business?

    13. Do you know why customers leave your product/service/business?

    14. Do you discount your prices regularly?

    15. Are you getting enough customers?

    16. Do you understand your sales pipeline?

    17. Do you know what it costs you to bring on a new customer?

    18. Do you know how effective your promotional channels are?

    19. Are you using a Word of Mouth channel for promotion?

    20. Do you target your communications to the most relevant customers?

    21. Do you capture and track your customer relationship with your business?

    22. Do you regularly communicate with your existing customers?

    23. Do you understand your customer journey?

    24. Have you tried to re-engage lapsed customers?

    25. Are you achieving your Business' goals and objectives?

    26. Do you have a plan for where your business needs to innovate in the next 3 years?

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