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Fractional Marketing

It is increasingly recognised that the biggest gaps in company performance at leadership level come from utilising customer data, owned and external insights, to close organisational gaps for better performance.
Many organisations recognise the need to lift marketing capability but fail to execute longer term visions, or withdraw marketing investment as the trajectories for change fall too far outside the immediate priorities for shareholder returns. CEOs are looking at smarter ways to scale the value of their marketing, and emerging corporates are recognising the need for a step-change in marketing mindset at the table, but struggle to find a way to transform the business into a marketing-ready organisation. That’s where a Fractional Marketing Leaders can assist.


Investing into
Executives as a Service brings stronger results

A study in 2020 into fractional “plug and play” model for senior marketing executives revealed that the service provided the necessary bridge to bring in transformative thinking to an organisation that reset the company around a customer centric proposition, positioning it for competitive advantage.

What gaps can a Fractional Marketing Leader fill?

  1. Modernisation of marketing organisational efficiencies, systems and outputs
  2. Digital optimisation for better customer experience
  3. Wider market context and knowledge from cross-industry function
  4. Adaptive and informative decision making based on customer orientation
  5. Ability to plan marketing efficiencies and deliver better ROI from marketing spend
  6. Creation or input into strategically focused vision and drive execution
  7. Deliver or coach a high performing marketing function
  8. Add bench strength or specialist thinking
  9. Deliver agile and rapid models to improve marketing outputs
  10. Set marketing deliverables and manage compliance, governance and supply chains
  11. Upgrade internal capability

Main functions of a Fractional Marketing Leader:

  • Be the customer advocate and champion at the table
  • Digital transformation leadership
  • Brand custodian and value creator
  • Curator of communications and company voice
  • Critical insights evaluator
  • Architect for innovation and growth
  • Primary revenue generator and path to purchase enabler
  • Cultural purpose and organisational vision architect

Customers have identified that in addition to the functional benefits brought by their Fractional Marketing Leader, they also valued:

Getting started with Fractional Leadership


your current priorities with your organisational marketing

  • Revenue and sales growth
  • Customer acquisition and profitability
  • Customer satisfaction and retention
  • Brand reputation and recognition
  • Website and digital performance
  • Marketing performance and efficiencies
  • Shift market position or re-align business to new values
  • Lift marketing team performance, capability or engagement


Chief Marketing Officer

A typical FCMO investment is minimum 3mths to 12mths, depending on the scope of change or transformation. To identify the right FCMO for your business, we will undertake an FCMO Audit with you, and match your needs to our marketers.

Have confidence in Max Marketers. Our FCMO marketers are all Level 4-5 Marketers, with requirements to continuously maintain their skills levels through training, peer reviews and certification. All L5 Marketers must undergo 12mths at L4 before being assessed for L5 through assessment, interview and peer review.



Marketing Manager

If you have a block of work that needs to be completed with specific outcomes by a specialist marketer, or you need the guidance of a marketer to manage aspects of your marketing organisation but aren’t ready for an FCMO, you can trial a Fractional Marketing Manager for your business.

Agree to a set body of work, or specific outcomes and retain an FMM for minimum of 8 weeks to work through and report back on specific outcomes.

This option is ideal if you have a one-off project to complete, or just need guidance through a marketing change in your business. Rates vary according to work complexity and marketing skill required.


Marketing Strategist

A specialist can take over managing an aspect of your marketing on a retainer basis for a set outcome or period of time. This may include improving the performance of your website, your enquiries or your conversion, managing your digital advertising or your community engagement. You can search for specialist skills through our dedicated portal, NZ Marketers, and book a FMS for your small to medium project needs. Rates vary according to specialism.

Thank you for your input over the last 15 months to get us to where we are today. We as a business certainly have a road ahead but exciting to see the development of the team from what it was when you were first engaged by the business. I appreciate your professionalism and your dedication to our business.


Richard Bartley
CEO, VetEnt

Max Marketing provided us with a clear direction and helped us develop a road map to grow our business. Our team worked closely with Scott Rees, who managed to exceed all our expectations. He is highly professional and knowledgeable; the value he delivered to our business way surpasses our investment.


Dafir Jacob
Managing Director, Divers Group

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