Аlеx Piаnоv

Аlеx Piаnоv


Alex has 15+ years of experience in Digital Marketing and 20+ in Web Development.
Before joining the Max Marketing team in 2021 he worked with many clients worldwide. He has been an entrepreneur since 2006 and has a deep understanding of business processes for many business industries.

His strongest skills are in improving the performance of digital platforms, using Web Development, SEO, and Digital Marketing.  He will review your digital footprint and customer engagement and help to find ways to improve this through your website structure, your offers or your integrated social campaigns & advertising

What makes Alex a favourite with our clients is his patient and friendly nature, and his vast knowledge which he calmly and quietly uses to find a better path for their businesses.  He always takes a partnership approach and works hard to find the best outcome for our clients using the resources they have available and their immediate priorities. As an illustration of his SEO skills, ask him about the website he manages internationally, with 4+ million unique monthly visitors as organic traffic.  


Alex believes in collaboration as a key to achieving the best possible result in any project he is working on.
This mindset and his experience in Digital Marketing along with Web Development, UX, and UI Development allow him to deliver smart websites and Ad campaigns with high conversion rates.

Need an example? Look at the website you are browsing now.

Experienced industries:

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Аlеx Piаnоv