Kiri Mayers

Kiri Mayers


Kiri is a level 3 Marketer for NZM. She found her passion for Marketing when she transitioned from working in sales  She loves the ever changing landscape of modern marketing and how technology can bring new challenges for Marketers and clients. She is continuously trying to improve her skills and find new ways of doing things. She believes that it is important for Marketers to be able to think on their feet and keep up with the rapidly changing communications, emerging trends in the industry as well as the needs and attitudes of consumers. When problems arise Kiri is able to think strategically and focus on the bigger picture with a clear vision about the marketing strategies that will deliver results. She embraces change with positivity and enthusiasm.  Kiri is a people person and has excellent effective communication skills. She has the ability to ensure that the target audience receives the messages clients put out as intended in order to drive sales for the business. She understands the importance of communicating to customers authentically in order to stay relevant and get your message across in the most effective way possible. 

My favourite marketing 

Email Marketing, Copy Writing, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation

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Kiri Mayers