Maria Albert

Maria Albert

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll remember the original Milky Bar Kid and the Toyota Hilux “Bugger” ad campaigns. Both became iconic Kiwi commercials to be updated years later. I loved watching these ads, They made me laugh and I thought how much fun it would be to have a job making them. I didn’t end up in an advertising agency, but I worked with them a lot over the years. It was these ads and a sibling who worked in product marketing that sent me down the marketing path.  My first job after varsity was as a Marketing Co-ordinator with American Express;  a fantastic training ground for a graduate.

From there I continued to gain marketing management experience in corporate environments across highly competitive financial and telecommunications sectors over 15 years and took that experience with me when I went out on my own as a freelancer.

Since then I have continued to update my skills, especially in digital marketing.

Now I focus on helping companies to resource their marketing functions. As a specialist marketing recruiter and mentor, I can help with evaluating the skills gaps in your team for marketing resourcing, putting together position descriptions and then attracting and recruiting the right person into the team. Once you’ve hired your prefered candidate I can assist with onboarding and mentoring to ensure they come up to speed and are supported to be able to achieve your goals.

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Maria Albert