Mirror Shen

Mirror Shen

Mirror Shen is a visual designer, art enthusiast, and filmmaker. She is also a certified yoga teacher and interior designer and loves to inspire people to be creative in their life and business.


Mirror grew up in Taiwan and completed her Bachelor degree in Graphic Arts and Communications. In 2005, she came to New Zealand when she was offered a Scholarship of art & design elite in Digital Media. From there, she has been developing industry experience in the area of Advertising and Digital Marketing

From small business to enterprise, she has been contributing her digital design skills such as graphic, prints, website(UI & UX), animation, 3d, and film. She has also produced a few small films, which made the way to 5 film festivals all over the world and won the best director award. 

Mirror believes that the key to a great project is to deliver Results with a clear message and a professional first impression. And communication is the key to bring everything together and get balanced between the audience, clients and team.  And she truly enjoys telling stories through visual communication. 


After 15+ years dealing with design clients, Mirror realised she has been always asked to help with Interior Design for clients’ commercial spaces. She decided to study Interior Design and extend her knowledge, so she can fully empower art into people’s lifestyle.

Since she used to study in dancing school in her childhood, dance movement flow has been a significant part of her life. So far she has also done a few art projects with body expression. In order to take on higher vision, she completed Yoga & Pilates instructor training and became a Certified Yoga Teacher. 


Having been involved in the design industry for so long, Mirror loves keeping up to date on the latest innovation, and passing new inspirations on to her network. She always keeps on learning and exploring new opportunities.

Her dream is to produce inspirational arts to inspire the world. As she always says – Let’s keep moving forward and make positive influences. Be a beautiful influence and make things better.

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Mirror Shen