Jack Bergin

Why did you/your business engage Max Marketing ?

To get some assistance and structure with our marketing efforts

How did your marketer help you and your business achieve results ?

Teresa identified opportunities and areas we needed to work on. She also gave us a clear structure going forward which gave us a huge amount of guidance.

What results have you seen so far ? / What results do you expect will come from your plan ?

We’ve seen more engagement on our social media channels and website. We’ve also gained more leads through our digital campaigns and have a clearer brand identity.

What was the highlight of working with your marketer or the outcome you were most pleased with ?

The highlight of working with Teresa and Max Marketing was being able to tap into the knowledge of an experienced marketing professional and as a result upskill as an individual and as a department.

How many employees does your company have ?


  • Client


  • Marketer

    Teresa Ma'aelopa

  • Plan

    Covid Plan + Max Acquisitions + Coaching

  • Business Size

    30+ employees

I have dealt with Max Marketing since 2012
Throughout numerous business ventures, I continue to seek the marketing expertise Louise and her team have to offer.
Highly recommended

Laurence Pope
CEO, Greenfield Global

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Teresa Ma'aelopa


Teresa Ma'aelopa

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Covid Plan + Max Acquisitions + Coaching

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