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Des Walsh

Why did you/your business engage Max Marketing ?

We had a vision on what we wanted to do in regards to our marketing for our business. However this is not an area we are strong in and we lacked the expertise & experience to put this together. We looked into a person/business that could help put this together for us. That were professional along with the experience & expertise.

How did your marketer help you and your business achieve results ?

She did a lot of research on us, our clients and our business. She then put forward a plan along with why and how we would implement this. Then followed this through with our team.

What results have you seen so far ? / What results do you expect will come from your plan ?

We are starting to see great results, sales are increasing month on month. Our team is understanding what we are doing why we are doing it and our message to our clients is a lot clearer. We are still working through this plan and expect to see better leads as we work our way through our plan.

What was the highlight of working with your marketer or the outcome you were most pleased with ?

Putting our vision into a clear working plan that is achievable and showing great results.

How many employees does your company have ?

over 120

Anything else you’d like to add ?

Teresa has been a great asset in advising & implementing a marketing plan suited to our business. She took the time to understand our business and the challenges that come with multiple agencies and business units. This has made the journey a lot easier and great results are showing from this.

  • Client

    Central Group

  • Marketer

    Teresa Ma'aelopa

  • Plan

    Max Comms + VCMO

  • Business Size

    100+ employees

It has been a good experience working with Teresa she has been professional in her approach to our business (and has kept us on track which isn’t that easy) She has done a lot of research and came up with a strategy and plan suits and works for us. This mainly follows the brief ( along with a few added improvements) that we gave her to start with. Still a bit to work through and Teresa keeps us on task and helps out in areas where we need her expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Teresa to any business.

Des Walsh
Director, Central Group

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Teresa Ma'aelopa


Teresa Ma'aelopa

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Max Comms + VCMO

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