Can you afford a Marketing Team?

What is the cost of a Marketing Team in NZ?

Most switched on businesses know that marketing is critical to the performance of their business. It’s not just promotion or telling people about your products and services, but it is how you engage your customers and how they interact with you that goes to contribute to your success.

In a recent survey, MichaelPage assessed the typical salaries of marketing experts in Auckland.
So what do they cost and what do you get?

A junior marketer – probably an expert in social media will likely set you back between $40 – 55k. This is an entry level role and you should expect minimal experience. That said, at this level you can pick up some very bright graduates ready to implement their sharp ideas in your business.

A Marketing Coordinator will have the ability to work on a plan directed by someone else. This is an execution role and you can expect a high standard of work of someone who can procure and execute all your marketing plans. They can manage budgets and send out press releases – setting you back around $55-80k pa.

But what if you want someone to really shake things up? Some marketing managers are little more than coordinators in small businesses and take the career jump but in reality lack the experience to be able to drive a business. You could maybe get an entry level marketing manager for between $75 – 90k in Auckland, but if you are really looking for some genuine experience and advice, you’ll be expected to pay around $110k starting out for a Full Time experienced marketing manager. The range will go up to $150k in Auckland for someone with product and sales knowledge.

If you want to shift your business and ensure that you stay profitable, relevant and continue to grow and engage your customer base, then you need a marketing director. Typically it is hard to get them out of bed for less than $150, but you could easily pay up to $220k for a well experienced Marketing Director to ensure the future of your business.

Of course, generally speaking you will need a team of people – a Digital expert ($90 – $120k) a Brand manager ($90k) and a Social Media marketer ($55-75K) on top of your team of directors, managers and coordinators. If you are succession planning, you’ll be likely to bring in a couple of executives to train them up ready to fill the shoes of your coordinators who decide they are ready to leap into management.

Your marketing team could easily be costing around $1M in salaries for good, experienced staff in Auckland.
So what’s the alternative?

Outsourced marketing is a growing trend in New Zealand and around the world.  Growing businesses are tapping into marketing talent on an ‘as and when required’ basis, instead of employing the staff full time in their businesses. This has the dual effect of keeping costs low and also meaning that experienced marketers are working across various organisations, developing new insights and skills that can be used effectively in a business.

Max Marketing is one such organisation, with an every growing team of marketing specialists available to work on a project or short term basis on your business.

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