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Your marketing team at a fraction of the cost

Marketing success is made up of a good strategy, a leader to direct and monitor progress, and a team of experts to execute campaigns. We’ve bundled these together into affordable monthly packs, so there are no up-front costs and you can make progress on activating your marketing plan each month.

A marketing bundled success pack will spread the costs of planning, coaching, advice and implementation throughout the year and get better results.

Activation hours can be used on things such as creative, content development, creating social media posts or sending eDMs, writing press releases or creating AdWords or other advertising campaigns. Plus our Leader plans will include monthly or quarterly reporting.

It’s everything you need as a small business* to get your marketing moving ahead.

(*Hey, these plans are discounted to help small businesses get a leg up.  To qualify, revenue must be under $5m.  If you don’t meet our criteria get in touch to see what other options we have for you!)


Spread the marketing costs

The first step in any marketing campaign is to plan. This is the ‘big thinking’ part where we lay out where you’re going, how to get there, and everything that needs to happen during the year to make it happen. This is usually a one-off cost before you start your tactical implementation.

Max Marketing’s “Leader Plan” bundles planning in with some coaching or execution time, which you can pay in smaller monthly amounts, making it much easier on your cashflow. You pay the same amount each month, for 12 months.  

If you’ve got a plan and just need help getting it done, great! We can help you too – our Activator pack takes out the planning component and just helps you get those marketing tactics activated.


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