Helene Wilkinson

Helene Wilkinson

Marketing makes me feel alive. I love the challenge and success in figuring out how to take a product or service and connect it purposefully to a segment that benefits from it. I love finding innovative and creative ways to address needs, and I relish in the process of figuring this out.

I listen. I can unpack situations and see opportunities. I am a creative thinker and enjoy working with client’s to find the answers that suits their needs.

I am passionate about business success, and I can bring you on board with me as we work through your challenges or opportunities so that you don’t feel overwhelmed in the process of change.

I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. I make the time to comprehensively understand your business which means I am better placed to provide you with the advice and support in the areas most needed. I listen well, and ask when I am unsure. I place high value on the input that you have in curating solutions for your business because it is important that you are invested in the solutions too. This is a collaborative partnership.

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Helene Wilkinson