A nine-point check list for getting more leads and sales

Assuming people want or need what you sell in the first place…

… if your ads, website, social media, or presentations aren’t getting you enough leads or sales…

…  one or more of these factors could be the reason why:

# 1. Targeting

Are you targeting the right people?

Do they need or want a product like yours in the first place?

And do they have the money and authority to buy it?

# 2. Media

Are you showing up where your ideal customers are, both off and online?

# 3. Timing

Are you showing up at the right time? By hour, day, season, life event or occasion?

# 4. Offer

Is what you are offering – the outcome, transformation, or result they get from using your product or service – presented in the most relevant and exciting way?

# 5. Easy

Is it easy to understand what you are offering? The “deal,” what they get, and how to order it?

# 6. Proof

Are you backing up every promise or claim you make with proof?

# 7. Credible

Do you come across as an expert in your field? Especially if you provide a service, an information product, or sell a high-priced or complex product.

# 8. Trustworthy

Do you seem trustworthy, honest, dependable?

If you sell online, do you list a physical location and not just a PO Box? Do you show yourself on your website or stay hidden? Are there any negative online reviews you haven’t responded to?

# 9. Urgency/scarcity

What are you doing to encourage people to act now, rather than put things off?

Do you, or can you, put limits on availability? By quantity, time, or access to you?

If you aren’t getting the leads or sales that you think you should, one or more of these factors could be the reason why.

If this is the case, feel free to print out this list… keep it somewhere handy… and use it as a checklist to “reverse engineer” where things might be going wrong.

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Simon Farrar


Simon Farrar

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