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Helen Wilkes

Commercial Marketing Leader, Direct Report to FCMO

In your opinion how did having a fractional CMO assist your company?

She was able to take an impartial deep dive into our current marketing department’s operating rhythm, skill set, strategic direction and commercial acumen, as well as reviewing the role of marketing within our organisation’s ecosystem and make recommendations for positive change which were then approved and implemented very well, so has been a game-changer and set us up for economic sustainability.

What were your initial expectations & what did you personally hope to gain? Did you have any reservations?

I was brought into the company as a direct result of the fractional CFO's recommendations, so I expected (and received) full support as we navigated the company through a total mindset change with regards to what marketing does. Personally knew I was going to gain positive guidance, learn new ways of doing things (even as a senior marketer). The only reservation was fractional CMO being based in AKLversus us in regional NZ, and sometimes not always being able to understand day to day on the ground demands of our office environment. But it really wasn’t a problem in the end.

How did you personally benefit from working with a FCMO?

She did brilliant work on some topline strategic projects allowing me to focus on understanding my new role, strategy and high activation workload Cemented best practice marketing strategy knowledge and application learnt new tech skills, eg new software she introduced us to, to help us do a better job eg Unbounce, Page Proof. Opportunity to improve my personal communication skills

What was the highlight of working with your marketer or the ou tcome you were most pleased with?

I was recruited by the virtual CMO for my current role–so I have this part of my career journey as a result. Change in a company’s mindset from thinking marketing just makes things look pretty to understanding what marketing really adds to a successful organisation and driving a customer-centric ecosystem.

What would you say to a business thinking of working with Max Marketing and how would they get the most out of the experience?

If you want to be a peacock, show and grow your business, to be relevant now and in the future, Max Marketing is for you… and be prepared to listen, adapt, review.

If you want to be an ostrich, keep your head stuck in the sand, thinking she’ll be right mate, Max Marketing is not for you.

Krispin Kannan

BDM Large Animals & Commercial

In your opinion how did having a fractional CMO assist your company?

Having a CMO elevated the marketing business unit to the strategic level discussion not just a support function within the business. This allowed marketing’s input to an earlier level and brought innovative thinking, customer insights and industry trends to the table.

How did you personally benefit from working with a FCMO?

Our FCMO brought a pan-industry marking voice to our company. Working within a particular industry you are exposed to ways of doing things that then become the "way it's done". Having an FCMO added a breadth of industry experience and skillsets in the Marketing space we were not exposed to.

What was the highlight of working with your marketer or the outcome you were most pleased with?

The passion shown to reinvent and influence the way our organisation viewed ‘marketing’ and its functional roles.

What would you say to a business thinking of working with Max Marketing and how would they get the most out of the experience?

Max Marketing delivered a professional, both feet in approach and really got stuck in working alongside us during a critical stage in our business. They helped place a magnifine glass over our current marketing function and help create a marketing function that was fit for purpose to take us forward. To get the most out of the experience and make it a success, the organisation needs to be clear on what they are looking for or looking to achieve, and if they don’t know then Max Marketing has the right people to work alongside you to develop this

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lou is seriously a lovely person and a total joy to work alongside...she is pretty hardcore and definitely, a ‘lady boss’ but does have a soft, personable and caring side.

Cheers muchly Lou

Richard Bartley


What did you/your business engage Max Marketing to do?

Max Marketing was engaged to provide us with a strategic marketing plan framework with our key focuses for the next 12-24 months which wrapped around and supported our business drivers/initiatives, plus advise on implementing a working functional structure for our marketing team moving forward.

What was the reason your business es needed a fractional CMO? Were there any main challenges you needed to address?

As above. The Marketing team had been under-resourced with very little focus on strategic/tactical initiatives to drive client acquisition, promote the development in sales and overall company growth.

How well did your FCMO integrate with your business?

The FCMO integration with senior members of the team while being part of the Executive Team was well received and added vibrancy and enthusiasm to the efforts to drive our tactical/strategic initiatives with a firm focus on incremental uplift in client engagement and sales growth

What did your FCMO do to help you and your business achieve results?

Max Marketing came into the business right as Covid hit and was instrumental in assisting with both client and staff communications at the outset. Once things started to settle down the more tactical/strategic workstreams came into play, aligning with a brand with the brand values and identifying the right marketing structure for the business and assisting with the recruitment process, albeit with a few challenges along the way with initial recruitment.

What was the highlight of working with your FCMO or the outcome you were most pleased with?

Always challenging the status quo looking for opportunities for growth with a bigger picture mindset.

What would you say to a business thinking of working with a fractional CMO and how would they get the most out of the experience?

Be clear on what you want to achieve and the budget and resources available to allow initiatives to be implemented to their full potential.

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    Louise Maxwell

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    250+ employees

Thank you for your input over the last 15 months to get us to where we are today. We as a business certainly have a road ahead but exciting to see the development of the team from what it was when you were first engaged by the business.  I appreciate your professionalism and your dedication to our business.

Richard Bartley
CEO, VetEnt

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