Louise Maxwell

Louise Maxwell

I started Max Marketing in 2012 with a view of making experienced marketers accessible to small and medium enterprises. Throughout my career I have come across lots of very talented marketers whom I would from time to time ‘borrow’ from their roles in corporate positions or within creative agencies to assist on an issue for a new client.

In 2012 I finally decided that this service was demanded by more and more businesses, who were grateful for assistance with their strategy and so I launched Max Marketing. I created plans that would ensure my approach and processes that were achieving results could be followed by businesses, regardless of whether I was the marketer working on them or it was someone else. Since then we have grown exponentially with more and more businesses and marketers catching the wave of a new way to match up services with customers who need them now.

My passion in marketing is for achieving growth for smaller businesses. By applying simple techniques (which are still used today in major corporates!) small businesses can get traction very quickly and see the value in understanding their customers and how to talk to them. The knowledge is transferred and I know that they will look at marketing differently from then onwards, ensuring that they will always get the maximum results out of their promotions and communications with their customers.

I’ve had over twenty years experience in marketing, working within corporates, SME businesses and multinationals either as an agency strategist or a marketing employee. My experience includes Financial Services, FMCG, Construction, Insurance, Healthcare, Whiteware, Retail and catalogue marketing and Business to Business services. I operated one of Auckland’s first digital development companies and worked in conjunction with many Auckland Ad agencies in running the strategic arm of incentive marketing.

I can’t decide whether I prefer Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing, but mostly I just enjoy the buzz of achieving fast results that drive business growth.

My vision for the future of Max Marketing is to ensure that businesses throughout NZ have access to marketing that actually drives results and goes beyond tactical promotions into the foundations that will deliver sustainable results and achieve the owners’ vision. I am committed to ensuring that the team share and extend that vision bringing their passion and expertise to the businesses who need it, ensuring they strive to help them make their businesses better.

Every client is special to us. We love seeing the result and we love to know that we’ve put you on the right track to achieve your very best.

We’d love you to be part of our story.

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Louise Maxwell