Case Study : Hamlet Photography

Hamlet Photography came to us wanting to start communicating with their 27 year old customer database and get some of their old customers to re-engage with the business. Phew! Sounded like a big task as we had no idea whether these customers were still around after all that time.

Laura & Russell, the business owners went onto the MaxJumpstart programme and we started straight away by reviewing the data and the market place to ensure that their product and customer needs were matched and in alignment.

An insight-led study was then executed into the database, designed to ensure maximum engagement and response, to inform the way forward for the business. With an outstanding response and rich insight we were able to identify some adjustments needed to be to the proposition that would lead to a rejuvenated offer. We were also able to identify a significant number of leads that were ripe for an immediate offer and convert into repeat sales within the next three months.

Here’s what Laura said about the journey so far:

“I have had my whole awareness in Marketing changed completely. It has changed everything we do. How we look at our new customer, how we view our repeat customer and how we are storing the information our clients are giving us. It’s been brilliant, refreshing and I can’t wait to see where our Business with be in 3 months from now!”

Hamlet Photography


Hamlet Photography client interview

1. What did you hope to get from working with Max Marketing when you started out?

Both my husband and I knew we had to give our business a kick start, as it was 27 years old.  Neither of us were strong in Marketing.  We felt we were out of our depth and couldn’t take that first step in something we new nothing about.  What we hoped to get was an insight to our Business with a fresh new set of eyes, and a strategy of steps to take us to increase our turnover 35%.

2. What has been the biggest contribution working with MaxMarketing has made/will make to your business so far?

At the very first meeting With Max Marketing we were offered the option to apply to the “NZTE Accelerated Success Program” This enabled us to get a grant for 5K of Business Capability vouchers.  We were reticent to go ahead with a Marketing company years ago, because of cost.  It was the only thing holding us back for years.  Now with the additional grant of 5K, the whole process is no longer scary.  This contribution has enabled us to go full steam ahead with this project, with absolutely nothing holding us back.  It feels great.

3. How do you think having marketing support help your business generally?

Having the marketing support has made the whole picture so clear for us.  We now have steps to take, and a collective force of great minds looking, analyzing our business and incorporating  technology  (that we didn’t know how to use) and making that technology give us 100% accurate answers.

4. What have you learned from working the Max Marketing that has been useful in your journey to date?

I have had my whole awareness in Marketing changed completely.  It has changed everything we do.  How we look at our new customers, how we view our repeat customer and how we are storing the information our clients are giving us.  I am now spending more time on reports about which client has spent over “X” dollars, between certain time frames and only now, I know what steps to take with this information.

5. What do you think the principles and recommendations made by Max Marketing will do for your business in the future?

It can only take it one way, and that is  “UP”  Increased sales and happy clients.

6. What kind of business/people do you think would benefit from working with Max Marketing?

Any business that has a data base and is doing nothing with it.  I’d say that is pretty much most businesses.

7. What would you suggest to someone thinking of undertaking a marketing programme with Max Marketing and how they could get the best out of working with us?

The first step is picking up the phone and booking the first meeting.  You have nothing to loose, only to gain.  Without Marketing, you have no business.  It is the perfect opportunity to really look at your business from the outside, looking in.

8. Overall, can you sum-up your experience working with Max Marketing?

It’s been brilliant, refreshing, and I can’t wait to see where our Business with be in 3 months from now!